Conference Chair

Dr. T. Jayachandra Prasad
Principal, RGMCET

RGM has borne the mantle of excellence, committed to ensure the students their own space to learn, grow and broaden their horizon of knowledge by indulging into diverse spheres of learning. In our endeavor to raise the standards of discourse, we continue to remain aware in order to meet with the changing needs of our stakeholders. Research activities across all the engineering, science, management and humanities fields pave the way for the industrial world to strive forward with huge advancements. As an educational institution, encouragement and support to research can be provided by establishing a suitable platform for the research community to interact with each other and to share the knowledge. Having this objective in mind, "International Conference on Emerging trends in Engineering, Science and Management - 2018 (ICEESM’18)” is planned to be organized on 21st-22nd December, 2018. The Conference aims to bring different ideologies under one roof and provide opportunities to exchange ideas face to face, to establish research relations and to find global partners for future collaboration. The themes and sub-themes for this conference are indicative of relevant research areas to give the prospective authors innovative prepositions about the ambit of discussion. ICEESM’18 has been planned to provide the maximum benefits and learning experience to all the participants. As a part of this conference Sessions on different domains, key note addresses from eminent professors and opportunity to network with the researchers will help the participants immensely in their research career. It gives me immense pleasure to invite all the academicians and researchers for this event.

Technical CHAIR

Dr. D.V. Ashok Kumar
Dean-Admin. & Director Placements, RGMCET

With "Education for Global Peace and Progress" being our motto, the RGM group has naturally put its mind and heart into Engineering, Sciences and Management areas, spreading their awareness and importance. In order to gather and reinforce ideas from scientific minds in these areas with further synergy, this 2nd International Conference is conceived. This is indeed the second of a series of initiatives planned at RGM College of Engineering and Technology (Autonomous).
   Engineering, Sciences and Management have become the most indispensable tools in solving various modern-day problems and making the world a better place to live in. The two-day technical conference will bring like-minded individuals on one platform to discuss new challenges and trends in the areas of Engineering, Sciences and Management. We hope that the delegates, who are specialized in diverse fields, will also interact on current problems facing their relevant fields.
   India is the home to the second largest community of scientists and engineers in the world and India's presence in the world of science and technology is immense. Off late, we have noticed a lot of Indians taking over major international companies as the CEO. This clearly shows India's might at the global level. India is aggressively working towards establishing itself as a leader in scientific and technological development.
   We thank the many scientific minds that have responded very positively to our efforts. We hope the participants give and gain interesting ideas and useful knowledge for themselves. Nandyal being a temple-town, its spirituality, temples and the folklores of the region can be interesting and can bring awe to curious visitors. We look forward to welcoming all the participants of this 2nd International Conference on Emerging Trends in Engineering, Sciences & Management. We wish them a happy and memorable time at Nandyal.


Dr. V. Lakshmi Narasimhan
Professor-CSE, RGMCET

The Second International Conference ICEESM’18 is always considered to be an inspirational gathering that research professionals look forward to, to enhance their knowledge, social networking and research development. The diversity of the audience background and experiences will enable a new thought horizon that will lead to a new energy generation. We are confident that ICEESM’18 will be a conference which will provide wide opportunities to address current challenges and indicate upcoming prospects. The conference will bring together various sectors engineers along with the industry’s and government officials. The conference will host a number of plenary/presentation sessions led by technical influencers and we encourage you to take this opportunity to participate and share your valuable ideas and knowledge. The conference will focus on technical studies, research challenges and the role of Engineering in the environment, safety, risk management and innovation. We are certain that ICEESM-2018 will be an extraordinary platform which will provide you with unlimited benefits and will open new frontiers for the current inter-disciplinary challenges. We look forward to seeing you all in Nandyal to exchange thoughts and ideas that will generate remarkable initiatives and contribute in driving the Academia and industry forward.

This international conference primarily aimed at providing a platform for academicians, Industry personnel, Master’s and Doctoral scholars to interact and discuss about the latest advances happening in various areas of Engineering, Sciences and Management. Experts from leading academic institutions, Research organizations and Industries are expected to participate in the conference by presenting their research works. The conference will focus on today’s advanced Technological challenges, research updates and breakthrough innovations that are shaping the future of the engineering and management fields. The conference convenes Engineers, Scientists and Technologists for exploring the solutions to the global challenges. The conference is aimed to provide pragmatic inputs to engineering and management community in the form of high quality technical and innovative works.

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